A Slice of Life in ‘Smart Metropole’

A Peep into Amy’s Workday…

Top: Demonstrator of a ‘smart shoe’ using pressure-sensitive insoles; Bottom: Jenax flexible lithium-ion batteries
Freshness labels from Insignia Ltd.
Left: The Lightyear One featuring integrated solar cells on the bonnet, roof, and hood; Right: Researcher from Accenture Labs developing self-cleaning surfaces
Intelligent, transparent visors from Bosch
Buttons from nothing; morphing controls from Continental AG
The world’s first 3D printed office in Dubai designed by Gensler
Left: Dynamic windows by View Inc; Right: 4D Mesh furniture prototype at Morphing Matter Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
NFC enabled printed LED label by Nth Degree

Keeping Bill and Cathy Safe and Connected…

Self-healing concrete developed at Delft University
Health monitoring garments from Athos
Self ventilating activewear prototype at MIT Media Lab
Left: Pixie smart UTI detecting pads; Right: Maricare Elsi Smart Floors

Towards a Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Future

Smart materials can make smart cities of the future self-sustaining and more livable by reducing the burden on our non-renewable resources and manpower. They offer privacy-preserving methods of collecting data through passively embedded sensors that can provide contextual and actionable information without identifying the individual. They can also enable minimalistic functional designs that allow us to interact with technology more naturally. Seamless integration of smart materials in our physical surroundings, wearables, and consumer products can engender personalized and inclusive healthcare for all.



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Aditi Maheshwari

Aditi Maheshwari


Research Scientist at Accenture Labs. I like talking about smart materials and sustainable technology.