A Slice of Life in ‘Smart Metropole’

A Peep into Amy’s Workday…

Top: Demonstrator of a ‘smart shoe’ using pressure-sensitive insoles; Bottom: Jenax flexible lithium-ion batteries
Freshness labels from Insignia Ltd.
Left: The Lightyear One featuring integrated solar cells on the bonnet, roof, and hood; Right: Researcher from Accenture Labs developing self-cleaning surfaces
Intelligent, transparent visors from Bosch
Buttons from nothing; morphing controls from Continental AG
The world’s first 3D printed office in Dubai designed by Gensler
Left: Dynamic windows by View Inc; Right: 4D Mesh furniture prototype at Morphing Matter Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
NFC enabled printed LED label by Nth Degree

Keeping Bill and Cathy Safe and Connected…

Self-healing concrete developed at Delft University
Health monitoring garments from Athos
Self ventilating activewear prototype at MIT Media Lab
Left: Pixie smart UTI detecting pads; Right: Maricare Elsi Smart Floors

Towards a Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Future



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